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PEM Water electrolysis

SI One-Stop Solution

We provied a one-stop solution from precious metal compounds to high-quality materials and precious metal compound coatings, ensuring convenience and competitive pricing.

PEM, Water electrolysis, Fuel cell One stop Solution Provider SI
Successfully reduced Precious metal prices by 15%~30%

SI Core Material Elements for the Stack

We Proactively respond to customer requests by providing key stack components, including MEA, PTL, GDL materials, and precious metal coatings.

ONE-STOP SOLUTION FOR PEM(Polymer Electrolyte Membrane)

MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly)

The MEA is a membrane that is able to transmit cation selectively by oxidation-reduction reaction between cathode and anode. It is generally used for fuel cell, PEM water electrolysis, hydrogen water generator.


  • High efficiency
  • High performance of H₂generator
  • Low resistance
  • Enhanced durability


  • Electrolyzer for hydrogen water generator
  • Fuel cell
  • PEM Water Electrolysis

ONE-STOP SOLUTION FOR PEM(Polymer Electrolyte Membrane)

SI PTL (Porous Transport Layer) / GDL (Gas Diffusion Layer) Meterial

The Ti-felt and SPT developed and manufactured by Sl are porous Ti based meterials applied in GDL/PTL, and both materials significantly impact the performance of fuel cells and water electrolysis.

  • Uniform pore size disribution
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Good water Permeability
  • High porosity
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • High current density low voltage
  • Stable performance
  • Long service life
  • Maximizing Surface area
  • Maximizing actual porosity compared to Ti-Felt
    (adjustable from 10% to 45%)
  • No change in porosity compared to Ti-Felt
  • High ductility for easy assembly
  • Minimized resistance values
  • Porosity size adjustable within the range of 3μm to 30μm
  • Surface roughness adjustable within the range of 30μm to 50μm