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Strong Industry



Strong Industry Co., Ltd. is dealing with electrolyzer(electrolytic cell) which is key component for water ionizer and hydrogen water generator.
Using high performing platinum-coated titanium electrodes, these electrolyzers are applied to various water electrolysis products.

Electrolyzer for H2 water generator
Electrolyzer for portable H2 water generator
Electrolyzer for water ionizer

Principle of Electrolyzer

Water contains cations and anions, it needs to be electrolyzed to separate these two kinds of ions.

After filtered water flows into electrolyzer, cathode and anode in electrolyzer generate electrical currents. Then cations(Na+, Mg+, K+, etc.) gather near the cathode and generate alkaline ionic water. On the other hand, anions(Cl-, etc.) gather near the anode and generate acidic water. This acidic water flows outside through outlet and alkaline ionic water comes out for drinking water.